19 June, 2023

Sierra Space Awarded Space Act Agreement with NASA

Sierra Space to work closely with NASA on key capabilities vital to unlocking the next generation of space travel.

Sierra Space, a leading, pure-play commercial space company building the first end-to-end business and technology platform in space, today was awarded a Space Act Agreement (SAA) by NASA under the second Collaborations for Commercial Space Capabilities (CCSC-2) initiative.

Through the agreement, Sierra Space will provide NASA with valuable insight and collaboration into its crewed Dream Chaser® spaceplane; new commercial space station architectures; and in-space logistics, refuelling and servicing systems. NASA will advance deployment of Sierra Space’s platform and ecosystem by providing access to facilities and support for environmental and crew systems testing, tools and software.

This SAA award by NASA provides support to a “pathfinder” space station, which serves as a technology demonstration for key elements of commercial space stations. Such demonstrations are vital steps to ultimately designing objects intended for sustained commercial habitation in orbit. The SAA is set to begin while the systems are in the design and development phases and last for five years – through on-orbit deployment later this decade.

“Sierra Space is building the in-space infrastructure and end-to-end business platform to accelerate the new space economy,” said Tom Vice, CEO of Sierra Space. “This agreement with NASA enables active collaboration to share our expertise and findings as we conduct the formative work that will open the door to extended human missions to space.”

Sierra Space is building the technology, business platform and ecosystem to power the new space economy, providing products and services to both government and commercial customers, ensuring a robust and competitive U.S. commercial space economy vital to long-term U.S. interests. This agreement provides collaboration and knowledge sharing from NASA to a new generation of space pioneers building our low Earth orbit (LEO) ecosystem.

Sierra Space’s open architecture enables the creation of a robust LEO commercial ecosystem and the catalyst for the next breakthrough innovations in biotechnology, human health, telecommunications, computing, advanced materials, and clean energy.