20 June, 2023

China Airlines orders 8 Boeing 787 Dreamliners jets

U.S. planemaker Boeing and China Airlines have finalized an order for eight 787-9 Dreamliners jets at the 2023 Paris Air Show, which follows  This firm order follows the airline's first-ever order for 16 787-9s announced last year. 

However, this latest news isn't actually a new addition to Boeing's backlog and finances,  it was previously posted to Boeing's Orders and Deliveries website as unidentified and for a discount, China Airlines agreed to delay the announcement until the Paris Air Show. 

China Airlines also becomes the newest 787-10 customer as it converts six 787-9s to the 787-10, the largest member of the 787 family, to add flexibility and capacity on its regional network as passenger demand continues to rise above pre-pandemic levels.

With this order, the carrier will introduce 24 super-efficient 787s over the next several years, strengthening the airline's existing global network. The 787 enables China Airlines to reduce fuel use and emissions by 20%, which will support the airline to meet its sustainability goals.

The 787 family is selling at the highest rate in its history, receiving more than 250 orders and commitments in the past six months.