13 June, 2023

ANA updates schedule, launches new virtual travel platform and puts latest special Pikachu plane to work.....

All Nippon Airways - ANA has made some updates to its flight schedule, the carrier will resume the Narita - Perth route after a gap of three and a half years. The first flight will operate on 29th October and there will be three rotations per week. 

ANA will continue to operate the Haneda - Beijing route and the Haneda - Shenzhen route, which had been under adjustment.   During the summer season, flights departing from the Tokyo metropolitan area to Singapore will be expanded to four roundtrips per day, with an additional seven roundtrips per week for Narita - Singapore.

The carrier's Pikachu Jet NH has been unveiled and is taking to the skies and will operate on various routes over the network. 

ANA NEO, a metaverse travel service provider announced today the upcoming launch of ANA Granwhale, a virtual travel platform. On June 13, ANA GranWhale will initially be available in Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia). Leveraging the power of virtual travel, this platform aims to enhance the number of inbound travellers to Japan. In contribution to different localities, ANA NEO is committed to promote and facilitating the sale of speciality and regional products through E-Commerce.

The detailed schedule for ANA GranWhale's availability in Japan and other regions will be announced promptly once confirmed.  Initially, ANA GranWhale will be released as a smartphone application on the App Store and Google Play platforms.

ANA GranWhale is a virtual travel platform designed to provide users with a safe and comfortable travelling experience to explore different destinations and cultures around the world by using gaming techniques on the metaverse. On ANA GranWhale, you can create your own avatar and venture on a V-TRIP alongside friends and family or enjoy a unique shopping experience at Sky Mall.

ANA Mileage Club members can use their miles to purchase avatar fashion items and digital goods in "ANA GranWhale" and enjoy other services and special offers. Please take this opportunity to become a member.