30 May, 2023

New transatlantic operator eyes spring 2024 launch..... with Airbus A380s

A new transatlantic operator eyes a spring 2024 launch with a fleet of four Airbus A380 double-decked super jumbo jets with a seating configuration of around 471 seats.

Global Airlines was founded in 2021 by entrepreneur, James Asquith who is passionate about the joys of travel yet disappointed by the poor experiences he's encountered aboard numerous other commercial flights.  Thus he set up Global Airlines which aims to have an obsessive focus on outstanding customer experience and do things differently from conventional airline operations, from catering and customer relations to scheduling and ground operations. The dream is to set a new ethos and raise the bar in the world of aviation. 

The carrier has already purchased its first Airbus A380 aircraft from Doric Aviation and whilst the actual price tag hasn't been disclosed, it is understood to be in the eight-figure range and demonstrates the airline’s dedication to acquiring top-quality assets and investing in its future success.

The Airbus A380 will be the linchpin of the emerging Global fleet, having already acquired its first jet, the carrier is already making progress in adding more A380 aircraft to its fleet, with three more expected to join the fleet in the coming months.  

Global Airlines wants to bring back the ‘Golden Age of Air Travel’ and with just 471 seats on an aircraft able to carry more than 850, the spaciousness of the super jumbo will be clearly evident with space for lounges and bars. Plus with a first, business and economy offering the airline is clearly going after both the business and leisure markets. 

James Asquith, CEO and Founder of Global Airlines, said “Our aspiration is to be the best way to fly, and the A380, with its unmatched levels of space, comfort, and service, will be absolutely central to achieving that vision. The purchase of our first aircraft demonstrates that we are well on the way to launching Global. The next step is to overhaul and refit the aircraft to our high specification, providing our customers with the best experience in the sky today. Acquiring our aircraft rather than leasing showcases our commitment to financial security and resilience from day one.”

Sibylle Paehler, Managing Partner at Doric, said “We are delighted to have worked with James and the team on the acquisition of their first Global Airlines aircraft. Contrary to popular belief, the A380 is widely recognised as the best way to fly, offering unparalleled comfort and features that lead to a unique travel experience. We are proud to have placed this beautiful modern aircraft with a new airline that will soon take to the skies. We are confident that Global Airlines will acquire more A380 aircraft in the near future.”

The onboard service.....

First class
Indulge in the epitome of opulence and personalized service as Global Airlines' First Class experience takes luxury to new heights. From lavish private suites adorned with exquisite amenities to a dedicated team of attentive professionals catering to your every need, prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey that redefines the meaning of extraordinary air travel.

Business class
Embark on a refined voyage of comfort and sophistication in Global Airlines' Business Class, where impeccable style meets unparalleled convenience. Experience spacious seating, exclusive lounges, and a host of premium services that ensure a seamless journey tailored to discerning travellers.

Economy class
Discover a remarkable balance of affordability and quality in Global Airlines' Economy Class, where comfort and value intertwine effortlessly. With thoughtfully designed seating, attentive service, and a range of amenities, enjoy a pleasant and memorable flight experience without compromising on your budget.

Global Airlines will be the first carrier ever to launch with the A380 aircraft and could very much shake up the highly competitive, yet also highly lucrative transatlantic travel market if the onboard service lives up to the anticipation the early hype encourages. It does seem refreshing that a new startup carrier isn't adopting the pack 'em in low-cost model and aiming to reinvigorate the old romance of air travel. Plus, Global seems to have a massive initial investment which will see the airline take to the skies and beyond.  The future for air travel and the A380 is looking bright with Global Airlines, I really hope it is a success and in a few years we'll see A380 in Global's livery heading to various points throughout the world.