11 May, 2023

Delta celebrates 100th U.S.-produced Airbus A321 arrival

U.S. mega-carrier Delta celebrated the production of its 100th Airbus A321 aircraft at the Airbus production centre in Mobile, Alabama.    

Airbus launched its first U.S. production facility in 2015, with just under 400 employees and Delta received its first aircraft from the Mobile facility in 2016. Because of Delta’s strong partnership with Airbus, the Mobile facility now supports more than 1,600 jobs.  The A321 is central to Delta’s fleet strategy, which focuses on delivering next-level customer service and some of the most fuel-efficient aircraft made today.  

“I am grateful for the ongoing partnership between Delta and Airbus, which continues to support good-paying jobs that help families live their American Dream, bolster local communities, and strengthen the regional economy,” said U.S. Senator Katie Britt. “This landmark achievement is only possible because of the hard work, dedication and skill of Airbus employees across Alabama.” 

Though the production of Delta’s 100th A321 from Mobile is a milestone celebration, Delta received its actual 100th aircraft from the facility last autumn.   

“Delta’s premium travel experience on our state-of-the-art fleet is made possible by manufacturing partners like Airbus,” said Kristen Bojko, V.P. -- Fleet for Delta Air Lines. “Delta’s 100th U.S.-produced A321 aircraft is a significant milestone that reinforces our commitment to flying more fuel-efficient aircraft while investing in quality U.S.-based jobs.”   

“Delta has had a truly essential role in the growth story of Airbus in Mobile and manufacturing in the United States,” said C. Jeffrey Knittel, Chairman and CEO, Airbus Americas, Inc. “Delta has recognized our commitment to providing modern, efficient and passenger-friendly aircraft to our customers. It’s particularly special when we can deliver their aircraft from right here in the U.S.A.”  

Delta has a long history of partnering with manufacturers with production operations in the U.S. Delta recently announced a Boeing order for 100 of the Boeing 737- MAX 10 aircraft, which will be assembled in Renton, Washington.  

Both the A321 and 737-MAX provide an elevated and fuel-efficient travel experience and represents thousands of domestic jobs. Both additions to Delta’s fleet play a large role in its initiative to elevate and reshape the future of travel in the air and on the ground.