27 April, 2023

London Gatwick Airport gets a brand new look.......sort of.

London Gatwick Airport gets a brand new look from today,  well sort of, they've not added a third terminal or a second runway yet,  but the VINCI Airport on the Surrey / Sussex border has got a brand new corporate identity.  

The airport says it has released a new identity to go along with a refreshed vision which is designed to reflect the airport's ongoing recovery from the pandemic, as well as provide a platform for the airport’s next phase of growth.   
In the marketing blurb,  the new logo and design acknowledge the airport’s proud history, the new, modernised brand is designed to reaffirm and showcase London Gatwick’s position as a major international gateway and apparently also recognises the airport as part the greater VINCI Airports network.

I'm not sure I see all that, maybe the pointy arrow bit of the giant G is a bit like the G of the GH logo for Gatwick Handling, which was never owned by the airport operator. At first glance, it just appears to be what many companies do in difficult times, spend a fortune on branding, rather than spending money on wages or better services, or physical improvements to the customer experience. 


However, VINCI tells us that along with the new brand and vision is an exciting multi-million-pound development programme. This significant programme of investment includes the expansion and refurbishment of departure lounges to create more modern, appealing spaces for passengers, while at the same time considering the airport’s sustainability goals. So maybe they are going to improve the passenger experience of the airport, which can be either good or bad, with little in-between. The airport is also moving in more automation in improvements across check-in and boarding, as well as enhanced airfield technology. 

Jonathan Pollard, Chief Commercial Officer, London Gatwick said: “This is a perfect time for us to launch our new brand and refreshed vision, as we head into our second year of recovery from the global pandemic and look to embark on a very promising chapter of growth.

 We are taking a multi-dimensional approach, combining investment in airport development, along with a new visual identity, to rejuvenate the image of London Gatwick. We expect this will translate to more people choosing to fly from the airport, with even more exciting destinations for passengers.

 Our previous brand served us well for over 10 years, but it’s now the right time to modernise and update our airport. As we look ahead to future growth, our refreshed brand celebrates the past and brings us into the future.” 

The new branding can already be seen across many of Gatwick’s digital and social channels, as well as key focal points within the airport. Over the coming months passengers, airport partners and colleagues will see it come to life across the airport.  However,   like the last brand change,  old signage and logos will still be seen about the airport terminals for quite some time,  maybe even years, after all, there is still at least one of the old yellow and black BAA style signs up!