31 March, 2023

KLM to introduce a new cabin feature - The Recline Alert System... get ready for more inflight disturbance

KLM will introduce a revolutionary new cabin feature tomorrow, 1st April which is called the Recline Alert System. 

The airline has developed a sound effect that notifies passengers when the seat in front of them reclines, the idea is to create a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere on our flights. The new system will be introduced on all KLM flights from April 1, 2023. Passengers who have already booked their flights will be notified via email.

Get ready for much noisier and disrupted flights with KLM, as the constant beeping of the new feature will be activated on each recline.  The annoying sound is demonstrated in the promotional video above, which also highlights the lack of personal space in Economy on KLM flights as passengers scramble to move much higher drinks cans than are available on their flights.  

Of course, as it is scheduled to go live tomorrow  1st April it could always be an early posted joke, but as everyone knows, doing an April Fools Day joke on a day that isn't 1st April is incredibly unlucky........