27 February, 2023

Pilots from across Europe call on EU policymakers to reform Europe’s airspace now

Europe’s leading airlines are calling on EU transport ministers to make the benefits of airspace reform a reality as they meet in Stockholm today. Pilots representing 9 A4E member airlines have come together in a new video to urge ministers to seize the opportunity and move the Single European Sky (SES2+) legislation out of the holding pattern it has been stuck in for many years. 

Implementing the updated Single European Sky (SES2+), as proposed by the European Commission, would be a major step in creating a seamless European airspace. This would enable pilots to fly the most efficient routes possible which will reduce the amount of fuel used in-flight, reduce delays and deliver a reduction of around 7% in CO2 emissions.

The EU has been discussing airspace reform for decades without any real results to show for it. As airlines face into a busy summer and the prospect of ever more congested European airspace, the need for reform is clearer than ever. 

Commenting on today’s video, Laurent Donceel, acting Managing Director of Airlines for Europe (A4E) said: “Member states have the opportunity to achieve a seamless and digitalised airspace in Europe by supporting the EU Commission’s proposal to reform the Single European Sky (SES2+) legislation. Our pilots have a message for ministers today: We’ve been waiting too long for this important reform and it’s time to take action on airspace now to deliver for passengers, for Europe and for the environment.”