02 February, 2023

Leading the way - IAG Cargo sponsor a key award at the everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards 2023

The cargo division of International Airlines Group, IAG Cargo is taking up the role of sponsor at the 2023 everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards that are scheduled for 28th June 2023.

IAG Cargo will sponsor the much-acclaimed Infrastructure Award, celebrating the outstanding achievements of two women in infrastructure.  

Caroline Andrews, Chief People Officer at IAG Cargo told us: “The transport and logistics sector is viewed as a male-dominated industry, but it is evolving. The everywoman Awards is one working example of our ambition to foster an inclusive environment, creating role models at all levels of the business that will be an inspiration for generations to come. As a female leader myself, I am ever more motivated to challenge the stereotype by communicating our message externally and by showing that IAG Cargo is investing in supporting the future careers of its employees.”

IAG Cargo is a proud sponsor at the 2023 everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards

IAG Cargo will sponsor The Infrastructure Award, awarded to two women demonstrating outstanding achievements within infrastructure

The awards are open to nominations until 6 February 2023


Launched in 2008, the everywoman in Transport & Logistics Awards aims to inspire more women to progress in careers within a traditionally male-dominated industry. With women only accounting for 20% of the 1.7 million people working in transport and logistics, the awards seek to create role models that will inspire future female talent who may not see the industry as an option to them. 

Historically, the awards have positively impacted careers with 63% of former winners saying it improved their personal and professional confidence.  

Caroline Andrews said: “Our focus on inclusion and embracing equity, means we are committed to increasing the visibility of female leaders across the industry.  At IAG Cargo, our inclusive ethos encourages women of all ages to grow and develop their careers with us.  We are making it our mission to ensure IAG Cargo continues to be a great place to work for everybody and it is, for this reason, we are proud to be a sponsor at the Transport & Logistics Awards, celebrating the women whose resilience and leadership has kept the country, in many cases the world, moving in persistently demanding times.”   

Voting for nominations will remain open until 6 February 2023 and winners will be announced at an award ceremony in London on 28 June. 

everywoman in Transport and Logistics Awards – ADVANCING WOMEN IN BUSINESS (everywomanforum.com)