04 November, 2022

Ural Airlines Airbus jet suffers damage in landing incident.

Photo: Investigative Committee Russian Federation
According to local media and Aviation Safety Network, an Airbus A320 of Ural Airlines suffered damage to its main landing gear and tyres whilst landing at Irkutsk Airport, Russia on Wednesday, 2nd November.

The aircraft was operating flight U62942 and reports indicate the crew landed with the main gear brakes locked on, with the jet becoming immobilized after on the runway. The crew said they had a warning of brake failure at a height of 500 metres with the parking brake being applied and the wheels remaining locked during the landing.

The crew The pilots of the Ural Airlines Airbus A320 reportedly experienced a critical brake failure at an altitude of 500 m, when the parking brake spontaneously applied on the aircraft. The alarm was triggered. The wheels remained locked for landing.

This could be a very costly incident for Ural Airlines as western aircraft spares are currently prohibited from being supplied to Russian carriers under sanctions imposed following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent war.  Current Airbus and Boeing aircraft spares are in very short supply, according to local reports, with many aircraft grounded and some being cannibalised for parts to keep others operational.