26 November, 2022

Canada's Transportation Safety Board investigate Flair Airlines runway overrun.......

Investigations are underway in Ontario Canada after a Flair Airlines 737 jet overshot the runway on arrival at Kitchener-Waterloo airport on Friday morning. The aircraft, registration C-FFLC had taken off from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) on Thursday evening at approximately 23:35 and overshot the tarmac in Waterloo shortly before 06:30 the following morning.  

Flair Airlines issued a brief statement saying that "F8501 from YVR to Kitchener-Waterloo exited the runway at the end of its landing. There were no reported injuries. Passengers deplaned the aircraft and were taken to the terminal by bus. The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is our top priority." but has since refused to make any further statement. 

There were no reported injuries among the 134 passengers or six crew on board at the time of the incident and One passenger told local CTV News that nobody on the plane knew what to do and it was more than an hour before they could get off the aircraft.

Another passenger told them that the aircraft was 'dancing on the runway a bit. It was moving side to side' although despite the bumpy landing most of the passengers in his area of the aircraft seemed calm. 'Oops, we missed the runway'  the passenger said, telling his row mate, ‘we’re in the grass.’. 

Some passengers report receiving texts from the budget airline asking them how their experience flying with them was and asking them to leave a review.

The airport was closed for a while, however, local officials advised “The aircraft has been recovered and the Transportation Safety Board continues to conduct an investigation.  - The  airport has returned to regular operations.”