05 August, 2022

The six best books to combat the fear of flying

Photo by Max Delsid on Unsplash
Have you ever felt that the fear of flying has prevented you from being able to plan the trip of your dreams?

The fear of flying is a fear that around 25% of the world's population suffers today. The plane is the safest transport of all, but there are data that do not comfort those who suffer from this phobia. Luckily, there are different aids to be able to face it, and books are one of the most effective ways. Also with books, you can combat the fear of flying: through them you can learn to manage this type of situation, working in the best way with yourself to overcome it.

The number of books that talk about this topic is wide. To make it easier, we suggest a selection of six books to combat the fear of flying:

Happy Flight: How to Lose the Fear of Flying

A book written by an experienced former Iberia pilot (Javier del Campo) and a psychologist specializing in self-control and relaxation therapies (Luisa C. Martรญn). It allows you to discover the method guaranteed by a 95% efficiency to overcome the fear of flying. The first part is dedicated to aeronautics and the second develops psychological and relaxation techniques.

Beyond fear, quickly overcome fears, obsessions and phobias

Its author is Giorgio Nardone, a therapist specializing in phobic disorders. His extensive career has allowed him to develop different techniques to treat this disorder. It shows what is the origin of pathological fear and the ways in which it manifests and maintains in people, in order to help quickly overcome phobias, obsessions and panic.

It's easy to overcome the fear of flying

Written by Allen Carr, a popular author of self-help books, and recommended by aircraft cabin crew. It is a basic guide with very useful tips to combat the fear of flying.

Flying without fear: proven techniques to lose the fear of aeroplanes

A book written by Duane Brown, a university professor and leader of successful seminars on the fear of flying. It explains in detail how fear affects the body and what techniques to use to end this limitation. In addition, it contains truthful information about air safety and a program with several steps on how to prepare for a flight.

Fasten your belts

It is a book written by Doctor Claudio Plรก. In it he describes the fear of flying as a complex phobia that arises from a mixture of several factors, from social to personal. It includes an interview with an aeroplane pilot, talks with a patient who overcame this fear and analyzes all the myths that exist in relation to the subject.


Written by the psychologist Rafael Santandreu, it reveals a method to face any fear, following the instructions indicated and without having to take any type of drug.

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