25 August, 2022

London Stansted receives planning permission for airport solar farm

London Stansted has received planning permission from the Secretary of State for the development of an airport solar farm.

The 14.3MW solar farm will be on land already owned by Stansted immediately to the east of the airport at High House Farm.

The development is designed to meet the airport’s current and increasing electricity demands, including from the growing use of electric vehicles, and is in keeping with the airport’s commitment to make its operations net zero carbon by no later than 2038.

The project will be supported by the implementation of additional screening measures such as planting new trees, hedgerow reinstatement and new hedgerows.

Steve Griffiths, London Stansted’s Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to receive planning permission from the Secretary of State for our 14.3MW solar farm on land owned by the airport next to the main site.

“London Stansted has a long and proud track record of sustainable development, including achieving independently-verified carbon neutral status in 2016 for the airport operations under our direct control.

“The solar farm will enable us to build on this achievement in line with our commitment to make our operations net zero carbon by no later than 2038.

“The development will see the airport generating its own renewable electricity on-site, connecting directly to our own private network, increasing the security of energy supply while at the same time freeing up renewable energy we currently purchase for others to use elsewhere on the grid.

“We will continue to explore new and innovative opportunities as they arise to ensure we deliver the airport’s future growth in the most sustainable and responsible way possible.”