05 July, 2022

Turkish Airlines named 'Most Sustainable Flag Carrier Airline' in World Finance awards

The climate crisis presents great challenges for the aviation industry, and Turkish Airlines has demonstrated its dedication to green growth after being named a leader in sustainability.

Turkish Airlines was crowned 'Most Sustainable Flag Carrier Airline' in World Finance's Sustainability Awards 2022.

In the magazine's summer issue, the operator outlined its sustainable strategy, including growing its new generation fleet with more environmentally friendly aircraft, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions with its fuel saving policy.

"Sustainability is central to our strategy for growth and profitability as we aim to keep adding value for our stakeholders while enhancing our products and services," Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat, chairman of the board and the executive committee of Turkish Airlines, said in an exclusive World Finance article.

Since 2008, the company has taken on more than 100 operational optimisation projects to reduce its carbon footprint – and the pandemic has not held back innovation. In 2021 alone, Turkish Airlines saved more than 37,000 tonnes of fuel, equivalent to a reduction of over 116,800 tonnes of greenhouse gases. What's more, the airline's first flight using sustainable aviation fuel took off in 2022, and there are plans in the pipeline to begin producing this fuel rather than just using it.

In line with the company's principle of 'continuous improvement', more innovation is on the horizon. "Taking into account the expectations of our stakeholders and related parties," Bolat said, "we will be integrating sustainability into every field in which we operate, working day in, day out in line with the vision, mission and general strategy of our airline."

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