24 June, 2022

Saab Receives Order for Integrated Air Traffic Control in Dubai

Saab’s Integrated Air Traffic Control Suite has been selected through competition for implementation at Dubai International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport in the United Arab Emirates. The contract, awarded to Saab by Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects includes approximately 95 controller working positions which will be distributed between the two airports, the Emirates Flight Training Academy, and the Contingency Operations Center.

Saab’s Integrated Air Traffic Control Suite (I-ATS) is a next-generation solution that builds on widely deployed Air Traffic Control automation products. I-ATS is a flexible and scalable digital platform that provides tower and approach controllers with a comprehensive set of tools to safely and efficiently manage traffic flow. The solution for Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC) also includes a Departure Manager (DMAN), which supports the sequencing of departing aircraft.

“All the key aspects of I-ATS have been developed in close cooperation with the end-users themselves, with a primary focus placed on ease of use, improved situational awareness and reduced controller workload. This solution will support Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects in the step forward to upgrade the towers to the latest digital platforms and provide a more efficient workflow for the controllers,” said Per Ahl, Head of Marketing & Sales, Air Traffic Management Tower Systems at Saab.

Saab will roll out the programme in a phased approach, starting with workshops to design the control tower and the configuration of the I-ATS Human Machine Interface. The finished implementation will include a test and validation platform, as well as a contingency and an operational system for each airport. The majority of the controller working positions will be located in the DWC systems, as that airport will be roughly five times larger than DXB.

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