05 June, 2022

ANA to Introduce Special ANA Future Promise Aircraft to Highlight Commitment to ESG

All Nippon Airways, Japan's largest airline has announced a new initiative featuring two 787 aircraft with a special ANA Future Promiseblank (AFP) livery and special services focused on promoting sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions. This new dedicated initiative comes a year after the launch of the ANA Future Promise, which encompasses activities across environmental, social responsibility and governance areas.

"Sustainability is a central operating principle to our company and the ANA Future Promise demonstrates a commitment to our social responsibility and environmental sustainability goals, and we are excited to get our customers involved and raise awareness in these initiatives with the dedicated AFP 787s," said Shinichi Inoue, President and Chief Executive Officer of ANA. "We previously announced our ambitious ESG goalsblank and this is another milestone to build on the importance that ESG has to our airline and global customers."

The ANA Future Promise aircraft will be introduced later in the fall this year and will be a showcase of ANA's efforts to incorporate sustainability into our services and products.

Two Boeing 787s will be specially painted with a design symbolizing "water and greenery" to convey the concept of sustainability and will be operated on domestic and international routes (one aircraft each).
・As a symbol to highlight the company's commitment to its ongoing ESG initiatives, two 787 aircraft will be unveiled with the ANA Future Promise livery in the fall this year.
・The specially designed aircraft will feature special services and in-flight goods focused on sustainability and handling measures to reduce CO2 emissions.
・ANA will gather the feedback from the customers on the various measures and analyze them in order to expand the efforts to other flights in order to achieve the ANA Group's mid-to-longterm ESG goals.

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