03 May, 2022

GetJet Airlines looking to GetStaff.....

The Vilnius, Lithuania based ACMI and charter carrier  GetJet Airlines is on the hunt for more staff as it seeks to expand its portfolio of clients.

Among the firm's clients are such airlines as Finnair, LOT, Tunisair, TAP and many others so much so that pre-pandemic, in 2018, GetJet Airlines generated revenue of  €52.41 million, a stable 12% profit margin.

The company’s current fleet consists of Boeing 737-300s and 400s, Airbus A320s and a wide-body A330 twinjet. 

GetJet has a number of vacancies at the moment at all levels of the airline,  including:

The company is also looking for an  Auditor (CAMO), Vilnius, 

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