22 March, 2022

Ukraine International Airlines offering aircraft and crew for wet leasing deals to other airlines so it can continue to support the country during war.

Ukraine International Airlines has offered its aircraft and crews to other airlines that may need extra capacity in order that it can continue to support the country in this time of war.

The airline issued a statement saying that during this time of martial law following the closure of Ukrainian airspace, it wanted to continue some form of operation. The intention is to ensure the carrier continues to contribute to the economic stability of Ukraine. 

Because of the airspace closure, UIA has aircraft sitting idle and ready to operate. The statement on social media says the airline "now has the opportunity to offer airlines and partners to join the economic support of Ukraine, taking advantage of the availability of UIA aircraft for charter and humanitarian flights outside Ukraine and concluding “wet leasing” agreements. Using our aircraft, you support UIA operations during the war and help pay taxes to the state budget of Ukraine."

It also detailed how the airline successfully passes periodic audits for compliance with modern IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) operational safety requirements, covering all aspects of the airline's activities.

Contact details on its LinkedIn  post  and on its website

The UIA fleet includes some 25 or so aircraft, including  1 wide-body long-haul aircraft Boeing 777-200ER, 1 long-haul wide-body aircraft Boeing 767-300ER, 16 medium-haul Boeing-737 New Generation, 5 medium-haul Embraer-E190 and 2 medium-haul Embraer E195s.

Ukrainian hospitality, modern fleet, internationally trained and certified crew, as well as ground personnel, ensure that UIA operated in many international markets.

It is unclear if this offer will attract many customer airlines, especially as its 737 fleet are mostly the 800 model, the same as that of the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed yesterday morning. However, the Embraer aircraft could supplement operations for a number of European airlines and it would be good to see them flying again. Plus the country will need so much support to not only carry on putting on a heroic fight against the Russian invaders but also to rebuild in the future. 

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