13 March, 2022

Hyatt Hotels continue to operate in Russia including giving discounted rates to Government officials

Global hospitality chain Hyatt Hotels have updated its stance on its Russian operations following the invasion of Ukraine. 

The firm issued an updated statement on Friday which stated, 'We are heartbroken over the devastation unfolding in Ukraine and the mounting tragedies resulting from military actions, including lives lost, families separated and the displacement of millions of people. Our focus remains on the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and guests in both Ukraine and neighbouring countries who face these unconscionable challenges. The global Hyatt family has come together in inspiring ways to care for those impacted by this tragedy, including providing refugee accommodations across Europe, sending supplies to the people of Ukraine, job transfers for Hyatt colleagues and a relief fund for our Hyatt colleagues in need of basic necessities, relocation support and care. We will continue to work to expand our humanitarian efforts across the Hyatt portfolio.

At this time, we have made the decision to suspend our development activities and any new investments in Russia, effective immediately. We will continue to support our colleagues in Russia as they continue to care for hotel guests. The global hotel chain adds that it will continue to show guests at its Russian hotels, 'care when people need it most and provide a place to stay and gather – something more important than ever in times of crisis. 

Hyatt is also continuing with its massive discount and corporate rates to members of the Russian Government and the military with the Ararat Park Hyatt in Moscow a key meeting place for security staff. 

Hyatt says "As this complex situation unfolds, we will continue to evaluate our existing management agreements with the third-party entities that own Hyatt hotels in Russia, while complying with applicable sanctions and U.S. government directives and keeping our purpose of care at the centre of any decision we make."   

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