26 March, 2022

Flexjet Achieves Record 23rd Consecutive FAA Diamond Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance

Flexjet, one of the most prestigious global fractional private jet providers and one known for its high safety standards, has received the 2021 Federal Aviation Administration’s Diamond Award of Excellence for Aviation Maintenance Technician Training for a record 23rd consecutive year, more than any other private jet travel provider in history.

Since 1991, the FAA Diamond Award, the highest in its category, has recognized aviation companies and maintenance specialists with highly effective training programs that are meant to improve safety, aviation regulations, and technical knowledge in ways that meet or exceed the FAA’s requirements. To qualify, 100 percent of a company’s maintenance technicians have to participate in specialized FAA training in aviation safety, technical knowledge, aircraft systems, and aviation regulations.

“Every safety accolade Flexjet earns underscores the number one priority of our company – the safety of our Owners, our flight crews and our employees,” said Michael J. Silvestro, Flexjet’s Chief Executive Officer. “It is evident by the elevation of our FAA Safety Management System participation to active conformance last year to this month’s 23rd FAA Diamond Award, that the dedication of our employees to safety is habitual, and one that we are truly proud to be recognized for.”

Each year since its inception, the FAA qualifications have become increasingly rigorous, making winning these awards annually challenging and requiring continuous focus on this level of expertise. In fact, many of the companies that do not maintain their own aircraft rely on a patchwork of maintenance facilities, which means a comparable patchwork of maintenance technician expertise.

Flexjet’s sustained commitment to safety has been all the more impressive given its growth in recent years and has met this growing demand by bringing onboard both additional flight crews and ground crews, including aircraft maintenance technicians. This exciting growth has not deterred Flexjet from meeting every safety standard and requirement, including those associated with the FAA Diamond Award.

In addition to its 23-year streak as an FAA Diamond Award winner, Flexjet also holds the Aviation Research Group/US (ARG/US) Platinum Safety Rating, among the most esteemed aviation safety ratings. The biennial Platinum rating results from independent evaluations and a multi-day, onsite examination that compares companies against the industry’s leading practices for safety.

Flexjet also maintains IS-BAO compliance at level 2, based upon a global, voluntary code of best practices with a safety management system. IS-BAO conforms with the standards and practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization, and compliance is the same as meeting an international standard of safety excellence.

Flexjet also was the first fractional jet ownership program to meet the demanding Industry Audit Standard of the Air Charter Safety Foundation, perhaps the most demanding standard for Part 135, and remains on the registry. Flexjet also takes part in the FAA’s innovative Part 5 Safety Management System.

Further cementing a company-wide safety ecosystem, Flexjet achieved active conformance with the FAA’s Safety Management System (SMS). In earning this designation from the FAA, Flexjet has become one of only one percent of the nation’s private jet providers to do so.

Said Silvestro, “We couldn’t be prouder of our team for their dedication to safety over the past two years. Through some of the most unique and challenging times in our industry, we have been steadfast in continuously exceeding the safety standards and raising the bar on our already high standards in aircraft maintenance.”

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