22 February, 2022

SriLankan Airlines introduces a new healthy menu

SriLankan Airlines embarks on a journey of flavours that unravels the best-kept secrets of the island’s legendary gastronomy, with the launch of its Sri Lankanized onboard menu, featuring a fascinating line up of authentically Sri Lankan dishes, championing locally sourced ingredients and culinary traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

The menu presents the inherent flavours and textures that define the Sri Lankan culinary experience whilst emphasising on their health properties, thus appealing to the health-conscious, contemporary traveller.

Immunity boosters

Aloe vera and pineapple
The cooling sensation of aloe vera paired with the sweet, flavourful notes of pineapple rich in vitamin C.

Cucumber and honey
The soothing, mild notes of cucumber blending in with the earthy flavours of honey, the ultimate superfood.

King coconut with coconut pulp
The quintessential island favourite, ‘Thambili’ served with the refreshing coconut pulp, which contains antioxidants and minerals.

Soursop and cardamom
The aromatic notes of cardamom complementing the flavourful notes of soursop, high in vitamins and antioxidants.

Iramusu punch
This herbal infusion, mostly served warm, has a distinct flavour and a captivating aroma. Iramusu is used in ayurveda medicine for its healing properties.

Hathawariya porridge
A local breakfast dish, packed with nutrients and flavours, brings together the refreshing notes of hathawariya, fresh coconut milk and the sweet accompaniment of kithul jaggery.

Tamarind Rasam
A timeless favourite with a zing, a concoction of spices such as tomatoes, tamarind, pepper—rich in minerals and antioxidants, helps digestion.

Champion ingredients of main dishes

Kurakkan is packed with fibre and minerals and this Sri Lankan stove-topped flatbed accompanied by typical local side dishes and condiments are guaranteed to create a feast.

The crumb-fried prawns and ginger infused curry served with the local favourite, egg roti, brings out the signature notes of ginger which is an ingredient embraced for both its flavour and healing properties.

Lumprais, a parcel of history on a platter, unveils the country’s Dutch Burgher influence on its cuisine. A complete meal artfully brought together and wrapped in a banana leaf to preserve flavours, contains richly flavoured rice infused with clove, fried ash plantain, chicken curry, fried boiled egg, cutlets, blachan and more.

Sri Lankan cuisine features many heirloom rice varieties with each containing various health properties. Kuruluthuda, the grain of rice which resembles a bird’s beak, is rich in fibre and protein. The assortment of flavourful Sri Lankan curries makes it a memorable meal.


A delectable dish that delights the sweet tooth, is a dumpling that is covered in a lacey rice-flour outer layer which contains in the middle, a generous serving of freshly grated coconut cooked in rich kithul treacle.

Curd with waraka compote
Curd, dubbed the dessert of the Royals in Sri Lanka, is fermented buffalo milk, served in a clay pot. The modern twist to the dish, introduces waraka compote, made of ripe jackfruit, as an accompaniment.

Note: Available on selected flights/ routes only.

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