23 February, 2022

Iberia Introduces its "Talento a bordo" (Talent Aboard) Sports Team

"Talento a bordo" 

At its Madrid HQ Iberia has presented its “Talent Aboard Team”, comprising six male and six female athletes who are now in training with their sights set on the summer Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in Paris in 2024. 

Some of them emerging talents, and others already champions, they are Spain’s leaders in some of the lesser known sporting events such as Taekwondo, Sports Climbing, and Open Water Swimming.

Iberia has pledged to support them in their efforts to reach Paris in two years’ time.

This support comes within the frameworks of the airline’s long-running Talento a bordo (“Talent Aboard”) programme, aimed at promoting and publicising Spanish culture abroad, and encompassing sports as well as art, fashion, cinema, design, and music. To date Iberia has backed more than 100 projects under the scheme, and the latest is to support these Spanish Olympic and Paralympic aspirants.

Iberia Team Members :-

The members of Iberia’s team are:

Silvia Mas (Sailing)
Irene Sánchez Escribano (Athletics)
Paula Ruiz Bravo (Open Water Swimming)
Antia Jacome (Canoeing)​
Adriana Cerezo (Taekwondo) ​
Sarai Gascón ​(Paralympic Swimming)​
Alberto Ginés (Sport Climbing)
Ray Zapata ​(Artistic Gymnastics)​
Niko Shera (Judo)​
Diego García Carrera ​(Athletics)​
Hugo Gonzalez De Oliveria (Swimming)​
Gerard Descarrega (Paralympic Athletics)

 Iberia will supply financial support as well as Iberia Plus Gold cards for air travel.

From Tokyo 2020 to Paris 2024

On presenting the team, Iberia’s Chairman and CEO Javier Sánchez-Prieto said, “We hope to repeat the experience of the Tokyo 2020 Games which left such happy memories –the medals won by the five competitors that Iberia then supported”.

In 2019, Iberia lent its support to a selection of seven Olympic and four Paralympic contestants. These were Olympians Fátima Gálvez (Gold medal for Shooting in Tokyo)),  Sandra Sánchez (Gold in Karate), Teresa Portela (Silver in Canoeing), and Paralympians Eva Moral (Bronze in Triathlon), Sarai Gascón (Silver and Bronze in Swimming). Also on the team were Lydia Valentín (Weightlifting), Niko Shera (Judo), María López (Hockey), Silvia Mas (Sailing), Loida Zabala (Paralympic Weightlifting), and María Delgado (Paralympic Swimming).

Addressing the new team at the presentation ceremony, Sánchez-Prieto said “We want you to know that we are very proud of supporting you and that you are a great inspiration to the entire Iberia team working in these offices, at airports, and aboard our aircraft”.

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