24 February, 2022

Fancy a salmon poke or maybe galician octopus......you can soon on an Iberia flight.

           The Spanish airline continues to restore services, and, with its catering provider DO & CO, has completely redesigned food service on short- and medium-haul flights to improve customer experience. In Business Class, Iberia is accentuating prime fresh and seasonal ingredients, the flavours of high Spanish cuisine and the rich and healthful Mediterranean diet.

Iberia is continuing to restore services and improve the passenger experience onboard, making it both safer and more enjoyable.

Its catering service provider, DO & CO, has completely redesigned food services on short- and medium-haul flights, in keeping with the company’s sustainability and digitalisation policies.

In Economy Class, the airline’s innovative Deliverfly service enables customers to choose their meals on line before flying via iberia.com
The Deliverfly service meshes with the company’s sustainability plan by reducing food waste and take-off weight
Iberia is reinstating its In-Flight Shopping service and expanding it to include drinks and sweet and savoury snacks served on board, by means of a digital menu
Customers can pay through their mobile devices without physical contact thanks to software developed by DO & CO’s technological partner Immfly

In Business Class, fresh seasonal ingredients for the Mediterranean diet

Business Class passengers can continue to enjoy the rich Mediterranean diet and the flavours of high Spanish cuisine, centred on prime fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Depending on the time of day, passengers can be served breakfasts, snacks, lunches, or dinners carefully prepared and served with all-new dishware and table linen.

Fresh Galician octopus, exquisite potato salad, vegetable paella, and Spanish “cocido” pork stew are amongst the items with which the airline is tempting its customers’ palates.

In the Dali Premium Lounge at Madrid airport Business passengers can sample an extensive offering of hot and cold starters and desserts, including vegetarian and vegan options.

Breakfasts include sausages and scrambled eggs, as well as tasty Spanish ratatouille. The range of salads now includes zucchini noodles with pesto and feta cheese, plus Jeréz lentils with garlic and cured mountain ham. Tapas range from wedges of the traditional Spanish potato omelet to croquettes made with boletus mushrooms, Madrid pork stew, chorizo cooked in cider, or fried potatoes with spicy “brava” sauce. For main dishes, try the chicken in mushroom sauce with roast baby potatoes, the spinach lasagna, or the wok of green vegetables with rice. Desserts include one of DO & CO’s star attractions –chocolate mousse– along with several delicious alternatives.

 In Economy Class, fresh products by Deliverfly and a new digital menu

Customers flying Economy may order meals and snacks from the Iberia.com website before their flights, using the Deliverfly service, and they may also choose drinks, snack, or sweets using the menu available as part of the In-flight Shopping service.

Deliverfly: fresh products on line to be enjoyed during the flight
The Deliverfly service allows you to choose –before your flight– from a wide offering of tasty, healthy meals, both hot and cold, prepared daily by DO & CO and appearing on the Iberia.com website. Your choice will be served at the appropriate time by cabin attendants.

Options include lasagna and other pastas, salmon poke, Caesar’s salad, and a variety of vegetarian dishes and child’s plates.

This personalised system also helps reduce food waste and take-off weight, in keeping with Iberia’s sustainability policy.

Learn more by visiting: https://deliverfly.iberia.com/

Economy passengers may choose from a wide variety of drinks and savoury and sweet snacks by using the menu available through the In-flight Shopping service.

In addition, DO & CO’s technological partner Immfly has made the menu digital and interactive, while also making it possible to pay on a contactless basis by credit or debit card, using the passenger’s own mobile electronic devices.

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