10 October, 2021

At least 16 dead after L410 crashes in Russia.

    A Let L-410 Turbolet twin-engine short-range transport aircraft has crashed shortly after taking off in the Russian region of Tatarstan early on Sunday, officials have confirmed.

The small aircraft was carrying a group of some 20 parachutists and two crew members at the time of the accident, which is currently being investigated. According to local media, the crew reported their left engine had failed whilst they were at a height of around 70 metres. They reportedly tried to make an emergency landing near the city of Menzelinsk, as they tried to avoid an inhabited area. Upon the emergency landing, the aircraft's wing hit another vehicle and that caused the plane to turn over and hit a wall.  

The Let L-410 was owned by an aeroclub in the city of Menzelinsk which has links with the state-run Cosmonaut Training Centre which is also in the area, According to reports the centre has suspended its ties with the aeroclub pending an investigation into the crash. The aeroclub has declined to comment while investigations take place. 

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