14 October, 2021

ANA Group moving forward with efforts to reduce plastic waste.......

ANA is moving forward with its desire to be zero-waste by 2050 with the phasing out the use of plastic and the next step will see the airline stop providing plastic bags for baggage packing at airports after October 31, 2021.  The plastic bags for strollers and wheelchairs will continue to be provided, although for wheelchairs reusable covers will also be used.  According to the airline's research, this initiative will reduce the number of plastic bags used by approximately 1.96 million bags per year, amounting to approximately 94 tonnes!

"We are committed to enacting policies that establish ANA as an environmental leader in our sector, and the elimination of plastics will further decrease our carbon footprint," said Chikako Miyata, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Sustainability. "By establishing a timetable that allows us to phase out plastics and replace them with eco-friendly materials, we have created a clear roadmap for the adoption of more sustainable practices. We will continue looking for ways to improve sustainability while offering passengers the comfort and convenience that they have come to expect from ANA."

ANA is also making smaller changes to make a big difference in the levels of waste, by switching straws to paper and moving to cutlery made from FSC certified sustainable wood. Meal trays are also being changed to different biodegradable materials to be more environmentally sound.  

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