14 July, 2021

New Unlimited Access Programme gives Gulfstream G650 shareholders access to the entire Flexjet fleet

Flexjet LLC, a global leader in fractional private jet travel, today announced the launch of its Unlimited Access Program for the Gulfstream G650. Under the program, Flexjet – the only fractional provider offering the iconic G650 – invites its Owners to right-size their choice of aircraft for any given flight and choose either direct account credits or additional flight hours.

“The Unlimited Access Program is the perfect mix of the industry’s most capable private jets and the G650, which enables travellers to circumnavigate the world with just a single stop,” said Flexjet Executive Vice President of Sales, D.J. Hanlon. “This is about as flexible as you can get, with Owners buying access not just to the G650 but effectively to the entire Flexjet fleet.”

Available only to Owners of the Gulfstream G650, the most capable ultra-long-range aircraft in the skies, this program offers access to the G650 and all other aircraft in the Flexjet fleet. Owners who choose to join the Unlimited Access Program receive the flexibility to right-size their aircraft and maximize the efficiency of each trip, especially when flying domestically. Purchasing into this program enables them to realize advantageous perks on shorter, domestic flights and fly friends, family members and associates on any jet in the Flexjet fleet.

Flexjet’s sales vice presidents offer personalized consultations to assist prospects in determining the Flexjet program best suited for their needs. Unlimited Access often is better for those who want to travel the world in the G650 but also have the ability to use any aircraft in the Flexjet fleet when the G650 may be more than is needed for the mission.

For example, Owners could fly their entire extended family to Europe for the summer on a G650, and then fly each child to college in the fall on a Phenom 300 for a fraction of the cost of a G650 or fly business colleagues cross-country to meetings on a midsized Praetor 500.

This makes long-distance travel on the Gulfstream G650 as efficient as possible, helping Owners realize the cost-benefit of using the aircraft for longer, international flights. Owners enjoy rates that decrease the longer they fly on the G650, with trip-based incentives, including both round-trip and long-flight bonuses.

“When we added guaranteed access to the full Flexjet fleet, the word that kept coming up in conversation with our sales team was unlimited. And, in a soft launch with existing customers, we already have seen high demand for this program,” said Hanlon. “Reaction to this program has been so successful that we have accelerated our fleet expansion plans to include additional deliveries of the G650 this year.”

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