05 May, 2021

New Braniff Airways Hotel Building Listed in National Register of Historic Places

Dallas-based Braniff Airways, Inc, announced this week that its licensed hotel building has been listed in the National Park Service National Register of Historic Places, according to Braniff Airways Chairman Richard Ben Cass. The Texas Historical Commission posted that the nomination was officially listed in the Register on March 2, 2021.

In November 2020, Braniff licensed a new Braniff-themed hotel project at the former Braniff International Hostess College located in the Oaklawn neighbourhood of Dallas. The boutique hotel is tentatively scheduled to open in 2022, once the facility is fully remodelled. In 2014, Braniff Airways Foundation initiated the process to have the building listed in the National Register.

The hotel is planned to feature 75 luxury rooms amidst the elegant and stylish themes of Braniff International including both historic as well as recently created designs and styles. The hotel will be the only Braniff hotel in existence in the United States with the TWA Hotel in New York as the only other airline-themed hotelier. Proposed amenities include a restaurant, bar and large swimming pool with outdoor beverage service. A Braniff Boutique store will be housed in the new hotel offering luxurious Braniff-branded goods ranging from model aeroplanes to bags and apparel.

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