25 April, 2021

VistaJet records an 81% increase in flights to Hawaii, and substantial uptick across North American destinations

West Coast, Caribbean and Mexico are poised for a considerable comeback to pre-pandemic levels

VistaJet, the first and only global business aviation company, today announced a substantial uptick of inbound flights to popular travel markets, including traditional private aviation business and leisure destinations like Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Reflecting yet another positive indication of the travel industry’s rebound, it also further demonstrates the continued reliance on private travel as health and safety remains top-of-mind among American travelers. Nearly 80% of UHNW individuals are more inclined than before to travel by private jet1, which they consider a safer and more reliable flight solution.

Below are five destinations where VistaJet has experienced a noticeable uptick in demand:

    California: VistaJet recorded a 57% increase in traffic to the greater Los Angeles area when comparing January to February 2021.
Outbound: Additionally, there has been a 7% increase in the number of flights departing the Bay Area when comparing pre-pandemic January 2019 to 2021. Travel from the local area to international destinations include Central America, the Caribbean and Japan. 
British Virgin Islands: Service to the British Virgin Islands has more than doubled. VistaJet expects traffic into this region to continue to be in high demand as customers look to explore, relax and reconnect in more remote destinations.
Hawaii: Traffic into the islands increased 81% in the first two months of 2021 when comparing to pre-pandemic 2020 traffic. VistaJet expects the increase in traffic to remain consistent as clients look for tropical weather year-round.


Las Vegas: By January 2021, traffic into this region approached pre-pandemic 2020 levels. As of February 2021, VistaJet is seeing international traffic into this region and expects demand throughout the year to significantly increase.
Cabo, Mexico: When comparing fall 2019 to fall 2020, there was a 900% increase in arrivals to Cabo; VistaJet expects this trend to continue for 2021 as customers seek out warm weather.

Leona Qi, President, VistaJet US said: “Safety and travel have become one in the same, and the private aviation industry experienced a sharp rise in first-time fliers over the past year, including a 29% increase in new Members here at VistaJet — which is still a fraction of the potential market of private jet fliers. As the first and only truly global private aviation company having arranged flights to over 187 countries, VistaJet is poised to be at the forefront of both North American and international travel. We are already seeing an influx of bookings, with demand driving over 50% of our group fleet to the US. Currently, our customers are expressing a heightened interest in North American destinations along the West Coast, Caribbean and Mexico.”

With summer travel around the corner, VistaJet recently unveiled VistaJet Protect, a new industry-first policy. Amid the uncertainly around travel due to COVID-19, VistaJet Protect provides clarity to On Demand customers who wish to plan for the future of travel while reducing risk — waiving cancellation fees up to 48 hours prior to a scheduled departure. Members can also fly confidently knowing VistaJet’s fleet of Global 7500 aircraft feature Pลซr Air, the industry’s most sophisticated air purification and circulation system, which provides the fastest replacement of fresh air than any other commercial or private aircraft.

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