14 April, 2021

PIA to start Bahrain services next month.

National Flag Carrier of Pakistan, Pakistan International Airlines has confirmed that from the 7th May this year the carrier will be starting direct flights to Bahrain every Friday and Saturday from Lahore and Islamabad, respectively. PIA says the flights will be operated on Airbus aircraft, although a specific type has not yet been scheduled.  

Basic details regarding Bahrain,  the capital city is called Manama, the island has an area of around 765 sq.kms.  The official language is Arabic, although English is widely spoken and understood. The nation has a population of about 1.4 million. Electrical system is the 220v UK system and its in the plus 3 GMT time zone.

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Currency is the Bahraini dinar     £1  =  BHD 0.52
                                                      US$1 =  BHD 0.73
                                                      €1 = BHD 0.87
                                                      PKR1 = BHD 0.0025

Many visitors say Bahrain is a destination where two worlds meet, whether those two worlds are Arabic and Western or Past with the Present is hard to say.  Bahrain is a wonderful and almost enchanting ecelctive mix of it all, great scenic sights to behold, modern architecture  amongst those of times long past. Bahrain offers a lot to the casual tourist from high end shopping, to worked class hotels and an amposhere to rival and eclipse other Gulf region destinations. 

Take a walk around and you'll find yourself steeped in history, be it from the Dilmun civilization, to the Portuguese reign and onto the Islamic era. You'll be able to discover ancient architecture, perhaps bask in the spirituality of the mosques, spend to your hearts content in shops of all kinds. Then enjoy a great meal, maybe one of the fascinating traditional local dishes or something of a more international flavour as every taste is catered for. 

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