06 March, 2021

Greenpeace France vandalise stored Boeing 777

The environmental activist campaign group Greenpeace in France have breached airport security fences in Paris to deliberately deface and vandalise  a stored Boeing 777 of national airline Air France.

The jet, grounded like so many others due to the downturn in business because of the global coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, last flew on March 17th last year, has been severely damaged by Greenpeace activists painting a huge green box on the side of the plane as well as piercing a wing with a ladder used to climb on top of the fuselage. 

The environment of producing the paint, the activists travelling to the airport on a number of occasions to carry out and research the attack as well as the chemicals needed to clean the aircraft appear not to have been considered by the group that pretends to be non-violent.

The airline is understood to be considering legal action over the damage to the aircraft and an investigation is also underway at how the poor security at Paris Charles DeGaulle allowed the campaigners to breach security in broad daylight and have the time to paint such a large area of the aircraft. 

French politicians will be debating shortly a raft of environmental issues, but rather than encouraging better climate considerations, the action by Greenpeace seems to have had the opposite effect according to various French politicians,  one of who even liked the actions as akin to terrorism. 
Photo AFP

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