08 February, 2021

Tuvoli Acquisition of FlyEasy Expands Technology Access for Charter Operators and Brokers

Tuvoli’s customers gain an expanded set of capabilities with FlyEasy’s empty leg search, automated marketing suite, and customer nurturing tools.

Instant guaranteed payments when making flight services transactions will remain a vital tool for Tuvoli members

-Tuvoli, an open technology platform that enables charter aircraft brokers and operators to seamlessly buy, sell and pay for flights, announced today its acquisition of FlyEasy, an advanced software aviation solution provider. The acquisition will increase the services available to Tuvoli’s clients including FlyEasy’s map-based business aviation search platform and marketing tools.

Tuvoli was founded in 2019 with a mission to bring leading-edge technology to a broader segment of the air charter industry. Charter brokers and operators on the platform have been able to buy or sell flights with secure and instant payment facilitation through either a desktop web experience or on their mobile devices.

Both Tuvoli and FlyEasy customers have expressed a desire to reduce the number of independent, disconnected technology tools they are using. This acquisition offers those customers a broader range of capabilities within a single platform. And it will reduce their workload and increase efficiency.

“The team at FlyEasy sees the world much the same way that we see it at Tuvoli,” said Greg Johnson, Tuvoli’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We jointly see opportunity for a more efficient, and better-connected industry.”

Charter operators and brokers are leveraging the FlyEasy platform to streamline charter sales. Through FlyEasy, their customers receive automated empty leg flights, instant trip estimates, flights matching their preferences, and professional charter quotes, making their charter sales teams more efficient. These tools, which will maintain the FlyEasy brand name and are available on a subscription basis, now share an integration into the Tuvoli platform enabling a “best of both worlds” user experience.

“In developing the FlyEasy tools, we continue to take a humble approach by actively listening to what operators and brokers need and building technology to solve their pain points,” said FlyEasy CEO & Co-Founder Shaan Bhanji. “We test our tech alongside the customers to make sure the product adds extraordinary value to them. As part of the Tuvoli family, we plan to maintain this client-centric focus and are very excited to be developing more of these tools alongside our Tuvoli peers.”

A new product showcasing the power of Tuvoli and the innovation of FlyEasy will be launched later this year.

Bhanji has transitioned to Tuvoli as Vice President of Business Development. Konstantin Filatov FlyEasy CTO & Co-Founder is Tuvoli’s new Integration Architect and Paul Mulko, FlyEasy Vice President Marketing & Sales is now a Sales Director with Tuvoli.

Tuvoli, an open technology platform for the private aviation industry, offers Part 135 aircraft operators and brokers access to innovative online services and secure transactions. Through Tuvoli membership and subscriptions, operators and brokers can get access to instant guaranteed payments when making flight services transactions, online empty leg searches, aircraft sourcing and online marketing. Tuvoli, which combines the Italian words “tu voli,” or “you fly,” was incubated by Directional Aviation as an industry-wide solution to long-standing inefficiency and payment challenges. Tuvoli operates as a stand-alone company, separate from other Directional Aviation-held companies, to ensure confidentiality and equal competitive standing.

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