04 February, 2021

Sunwing Airlines leases two Boeing 737 MAX jets from Air Lease Corp

Look closely and you might just make out the 737 MAX 8 painted out on the rear fuselage  Photo ALC

Air Lease Corporation has delivered of two new Boeing 737-MAX aircraft on long-term lease to Sunwing Airlines.  However,  the global leasing firm and Sunwing are trying to hush up the fact that there are the 737 MAX models, by using the now commonplace 737-8 designator. These aircraft, featuring CFM International LEAP-1B27 engines, are the third and fourth new Boeing 737-MAX aircraft to deliver to Sunwing from ALC’s order book with Boeing. 

“ALC is pleased to announce these two new Boeing 737-8 deliveries to Sunwing Airlines today,” said John L. Plueger, Chief Executive Officer and President of Air Lease Corporation.  “These aircraft mark ALC’s first 737-8 deliveries since the grounding and will provide state-of-the-art efficiency, cabin comfort, and advancement of Sunwing’s environmental sustainability initiatives.” 

“We thank ALC for the delivery of two new Boeing 737-8 aircraft, and look forward to integrating them into our existing fleet,” said Mark Williams, President, Sunwing Airlines.  “The new planes provide advanced technology, comfort and fuel efficiency, and will undoubtedly offer Sunwing Airlines customers an enhanced travel experience when they are placed into commercial service.”

Sunwing Airlines currently has two 737-800s and two other 737-8s on lease from ALC.

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