17 February, 2021

Creating the New Normal with Timeless Tokyo

Creating the New Normal with Timeless Tokyo

We all know what a huge impact COVID-19 has had on travel and tourism across the world over the past year. Most foreign visitors have been unable to visit Tokyo as Japan, along with every other country, has fought to bring the coronavirus under control.

As the situation in many countries starts to stabilise, Tokyo is planning for when it will be able to once again welcome large numbers of arrivals from around the world. 

The Tokyo government and many attractions and facilities popular with tourists have put in place a range of plans and initiatives to ensure that any tourism can take place safely and securely in the months and years to come.

Timeless Tokyo has created a one-stop-shop for information on what is being done to ensure Covid-secure tourism in Japan's incredible capital.

Find out here the resources available, information on the latest border control restrictions and what is being done to protect people across the city as well as helpful hints on tips for a safe and unforgettable visit.

With a staggering variety of sights to see and experiences to be had, Tokyo is a rich and rewarding travel destination. Make your very own ukiyo-e woodblock print, experience the traditional tea ceremony, visit the digital art museum and go for a morning run around the Imperial Palace. Shoppers can find everything from unique Japanese kitchen tools in historic Nihonbashi to the latest fashions in upscale Omotesando.

Tokyo’s chaotic urban sprawl has an irresistible allure. Small wooden homes sit next to modern high-rise towers, while tiny parks and the architectural masterpieces pop up at random intervals. Fans of such foremost architects as Tadao Ando and Kisho Kurokawa can explore buildings that are open to the public, and art lovers will enjoy browsing the city’s numerous galleries and museums.  

When the Japanese capital moved to Tokyo (then called Edo) in 1869, many of the country’s foremost artisans and establishments followed the Emperor and set up shop here. Stroll around the Nihonbashi area to visit family-run businesses that carry on time-honoured craft traditions. Visit one of the city's many ancient temples or shrines, or the recently restored Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station to get a better understanding of the history that binds this fascinating city together.

Travel to the hills of Okutama for a rafting or hiking adventure within the city limits. Or visit the pristine beaches of one of the Tokyo-administered islands more than 120 kilometres south of the city. Staying downtown, escape the concrete jungle at any number of parks and gardens—quiet oases for reflection and enjoying the seasons. In late March and early April, when the cherry trees are in bloom, join the merrymakers who gather beneath the pink blossoms to picnic with friends.

Tokyo – An ever-evolving fusion of traditional and modern. The city offers endless opportunities to explore entertainment that crosses generations, cultures and genres. Dazzling fireworks combined with pulsating music and dance. Kabuki and Noh theatre, with traditions hundreds of years old, infused with a modern flair. Shows and music festivals that boldly mix the best of East and West, classical and cutting-edge. No matter what you seek, you are sure to discover something new and unexpected in this paradise of entertainment.

With more Michelin stars than any other city on the planet, Tokyo spoils gourmands for sheer choice. But be sure to also visit the equally excellent local restaurants serving up favourites like soba noodles, yakitori, or ramen. Stop by the basement food halls of any large department store to taste wagashi sweets or fine French pastries. Have dinner at a real edomae sushi counter. And when you crave French or Italian, rest assured you will find world-class choices in Tokyo.

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