23 January, 2021

SKYbrary - making flying safer......

SKYbrary is an electronic repository of safety knowledge related to flight operations, air traffic management (ATM) and aviation safety in general.

Its main objective is to become a single point of reference for aviation safety knowledge by making universally available and accessible the safety knowledge accumulated by various aviation organisations, entities and initiatives.

 It is also a portal, a common entry point, that enables users to access the safety data made available on the websites of various aviation organisations - regulators, service providers, industry.

 The SKYbrary knowledgebase is a dynamic enterprise and has taken several years to develop. To develop further, and maintain the accuracy and relevance of the knowledgebase, will require the support and active participation of all those interested in promoting best practice and knowledge in aviation safety.

SKYbrary content development priorities have been to focus on:

Who: Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management
Where: Globally
What: Operational Risks
Aviation sector: Commercial Air Transport
SKYclips are a growing collection of short animations of around 2 minutes duration which focus on a single safety topic in aviation.

Visit the home page here.

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