19 December, 2020

More route cutting from British Airways

The UK's British Airways is axing more routes as a 'sign of the times' as it struggles to cope with the lack of passenger demand across its route network because of the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and various travel and border restrictions. 

The airline is axing 15 routes from its Summer 2021 flying programme, with more expected to be culled from the timetable if advance sales do not improve over the festive period. Among those routes being dropped are non-stop flights to Calgary, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Bangkok, Jeddah, Sydney, Abu Dhabi, San Jose, Seychelles, Seol, Durban, Dammam, Osaka, Lima and Muskat. 

The Seychelles route is scheduled to end on 24th April, just a couple of years after the carrier reintroduced the route, forcing many long-haul holiday companies frantically trying to switch bookings to gulf carriers.  

The Jeddah route will b reintroduced for just a short period during the Hajj pilgrimage period in July 2021.

A spokesperson for the carrier said: “We are sorry that, like other airlines, due to the current coronavirus pandemic and global travel restrictions, we are operating a reduced and dynamic schedule. We will be in touch with any customers whose flights are affected and advise customers to check ba.com for the latest flight information.”

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