07 October, 2020

Stellwagen announces its rebrand to Seraph Aviation Group

                                     Stellwagen Group, the specialized aviation asset manager headquartered in Dublin, has announced that from the 6th October it will be known as 'Seraph Aviation Group'.

Seraph Aviation Group is a leading provider of aircraft management services, offering a broad range of aircraft and lease management services to customers in the airline, manufacturing and finance sectors.

Following the announcement of the buyout of the group's majority shareholder and the backing received from significant institutional investors, ECN Capital Corp., SPF Investment Management, Almada Inc. and Medalist Partners, Seraph Aviation Group will continue to implement its strategy, which is focused on the core competencies of its aircraft management servicing, capital management and aviation financing platform, supported by best-in-class technology developed by its sister company, Aerlytix Limited.

Seraph Aviation Group has a deep understanding of, and expertise in, aviation assets, credit and equity/debt origination that enables the company to create bespoke investment vehicles designed to provide its third party customers with above-average risk adjusted returns  and management of risk and exploitation of opportunities, in particular in the current COVID-19 environment. 

David Butler, CEO, Seraph Aviation Group said: "The new brand and identity is an exciting milestone for the company. We are delighted to demonstrate and highlight our expertise to the market by combining the unique blend of Aviation Management Services and Capital Management under Seraph Aviation Group. This provides current and potential customers with a compelling offering under an integrated platform."

With headquarters in Dublin, Seraph Aviation Group has offices in Stamford, Connecticut, USA, London, England and Seoul, South Korea.

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