18 October, 2020

Aeronautical Engineers, Inc. (AEI) has announced it redelivered the first B737-800SF Freighter Conversion to Nigeria-based Allied Air. In March of this year, Allied Air entered into an agreement with AEI to provide the company with two B737-800SF Freighter Conversions with an option for two additional conversions. The delivered freighter (MSN 36846) is the youngest 737-800 in the world converted to date. Additionally, Allied Air is the first airline in Africa to own and operate a B737-800SF on the continent.

Allied Air has recently used its existing fleet of freighter aircraft to assist the Nigerian government in distributing much needed medical supplies to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic – helping to save countless lives in the nation. Supplies transported include masks, PPE, and ventilators. Allied Air has provided this service to the Nigerian government free of charge.

All modification touch labour was completed by the authorized AEI Conversion Center, Commercial Jet in Miami, Florida. Commercial Jet’s Dothan, Alabama facility conducted the aircraft painting at their state-of-the-art North American Exterior Refurbishment facility.

The AEI converted B737-800SF freighter offers a main deck payload of up to 52,700 lbs. (23,904 kg) and incorporates eleven full-height 88” x 125” container positions, plus an additional position for an AEP/AEH. The conversion also incorporates new floor beams aft of the wing box, a large 86” x 137” Main Cargo Door with a single vent door system, and a flexible Ancra Cargo Loading System. Additionally, the AEI B737-800SF includes a rigid 9g barrier, five supernumerary seats, a galley and full lavatory.

When combined with proven reliability, the AEI converted B737-800SF will allow Allied Air to keep their aircraft in the air, generating revenue.

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