Friday, 18 September 2020

Braniff Airways announces new endowment at the University of Texas in Dallas

Dallas-based Braniff Airways, d/b/a Braniff International, announces that the company has set up a permanent endowment at The University of Texas at Dallas, according to Braniff Chairman Richard Ben Cass. The global Airline’s extensive Public Relations Archives are housed in the History of Aviation Collection at the university located at the main campus near Richardson, Texas, north of Dallas.

The Braniff Airways Public Relations Archives Endowment will be specifically used for the care and archiving of the large collection that contains Braniff’s corporate communications files including press releases, photos, negatives and transparencies. In addition, the Archives include records from Braniff’s initial inception in 1926 to its cessation of air operations in May 1982. Braniff placed the Archives at UTD in February 1982 shortly before it closed but an endowment was not included at that time. Mr. Cass noted that this has now been corrected and the Archives will always be available for future generations to admire and enjoy.

Braniff Airways, Inc, the former international airline, is a leading global historic airline branding and marketing, online retail and historic airliner tour firm, which was originally formed in 1930. Braniff manages over 770 licensing agreements worldwide. The company today operates its lucrative Braniff Boutique Online Retail store that sells to 123 countries worldwide along with three brick and mortar stores. Braniff also administers its original Employee Airline Pass Program, which offers current and former employees discount travel on partner airlines and travel companies.

Braniff Airways also supports Braniff Airways Foundation, which is the official repository for Braniff's historical corporate and employee records, photographs and negatives and memorabilia. Over 20 million pages of Braniff corporate documents and 40,000 historical items are housed in the Foundation's Braniff International Heritage Archives, which are housed at three locations in Dallas, Texas, with a new facility scheduled to open in Glen Rose, Texas, during 2021.

In 2020, Braniff Airways created an endowment at The University of Texas at Dallas to support Braniff's Public Relations Archives that have been housed in the University's History of Aviation Collection since February 1981. An additional endowment will be created to support Braniff International Heritage Archives, which will be placed at UTD in the future

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