05 August, 2020

Saab divests QPS

Saab announced today it has divested the Dutch-based company QPS (Quality Positioning Services), a provider of hydrographic software solutions within the global maritime industry. The decision is in line with Saab’s strategy to optimize its product portfolio and to increase focus on five core areas.

On the 3 of August, Saab and the Dutch holding company Total Specific Solutions (TSS) signed and executed a share purchase agreement where TSS has acquired all outstanding shares of QPS from Saab. QPS has 75 employees and is headquartered in Zeist, the Netherlands, with two subsidiaries in Canada and USA, respectively.

Saab continues to deliver on the strategy to optimize its product portfolio with a clear focus on five core areas; Aeronautics, Sensors, Command & Control, Advanced Weapon Systems and Underwater Systems.

”QPS is a key provider of software to a niche market and TSS will provide a more suitable home for this operation going forward. This change is in line with Saab’s strategy to provide a more focused product portfolio where we can continue to develop technical advanced products and services for our current and future customers”, says Jessica ร–berg, head of Saab’s business area Industrial Products and Services.

The transaction is not expected to result in any material changes to future earnings or net one-off effects on Saab’s income statement.

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