31 August, 2020

Recycled roads a thing of the future? Nope, France has them already.

Are recycled roads a thing of the future?  No, they are already growing phenomena in France. The national road set to improve mobility between Angoulรชme et Cognac, inaugurated in Charente on 24 July, has one defining feature – 70% of its asphalt is recycled! This is a very high percentage compared to the average of 20%-30% for road works in France. Eurovia Grands Travaux and Eurovia Angoulรชme managed this project, which harnessed the circular economy.

Alongside the RN141 and other projects in Charente, 70%-recycled road surfacing has also caught on in the Charente‑Maritime and Vienne departments. Eurovia is an expert at using high percentages of recycled materials and tested out a fully recycled 1 km section of the A10 motorway a few months ago.

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