28 July, 2020

Saudi Arabian Airlines selects Comarch as its loyalty management technology provider

Saudia, the national flag carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a member of the SkyTeam alliance has signed a 10-year contract with Comarch (WSE: CMR), a global provider of software-defined products and services for improving business efficiency. The airline is to implement a loyalty management system designed by Comarch, specifically the For Travel Edition of Comarch Loyalty Management (CLM 5).

The collaboration is the result of a process that started in 2018 when Saudia was looking for a new technology provider, one that had many years of experience in carrying out extensive loyalty projects for airline and travel companies.

Saudia's requirements from a vendor and business partner was for there to be a focus on innovation and technology at every step of the customer experience. The company set forth to redesign and improve its existing Alfursan Loyalty Program. The aim was to move past the boundaries of traditional loyalty management programs and incorporate the latest customer engagement techniques to build stronger relationships with its clients. This is exactly what Comarch had to offer.

As a global provider of cutting-edge loyalty management software, Comarch is a company driven by innovation. Having been recognized many times for delivering top-quality IT systems and services (e.g., winning the Best Loyalty Innovation Award during this year's Loyalty & Awards 2020 conference), we have proven ourselves to be the right partner for Saudia.

CLM for Travel is an expanded version of the classic CLM design, which includes a wide range of features designed specifically for travel industry professionals such as Saudia. Therefore, it will help the company improve its customers' engagement, gain a competitive advantage, and reduce operational costs.

Plus, CLM is under continuous development, meaning it is constantly being enhanced with new features such as Location-based Services and Gamification, which, in turn, can play a major role in keeping things fresh and exciting for both Saudia and its clients.

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