26 June, 2020

Ryanair goes head to head with Austrian Airlines when it opens 64 routes to/from Vienna from 1st July

Photo Ryanair
Ryanair, Europe's biggest the low-fare-high-fee carrier has confirmed it will launch a price war against Austrian Airlines this summer when it introduces 64 routes to and from Vienna. 

The airline has rushed forward in the wake of news that Lufthansa's shareholders have agreed to the terms the German Government offered on a bailout deal, to say it will now operate the around 64 routes from Viena. 

The new schedule will include over 25 summer destination including Faro, Malaga, Malta, Rome, Naples & Palma, 20 city destinations including Dublin, Milan, Madrid, Lisbon & Warsaw. Ryanair will also operate 2 routes to/from Salzburg and 1 route to/from Klagenfurt.

In such a rush move, Ryanair has been forced to bring back Lauda aircraft,  on a wet-lease basis to operate the flight schedule in the short term. 

Ryanair says "As Austrians taxes get wasted on illegal State Aid to German-owned Austrian Airlines, Ryanair will guarantee low fares for Austrian customers/visitors at prices which start from €9.99 one way before some misguided Austrian Minister tries to ban them."

Ryanair Group CEO, Michael O’Leary, said: "Ryanair is pleased to open 67 new routes to/from Austria starting from 1 July. Our Vienna base will serve 64 routes, with air fares starting from just €9.99 one way before some crazy Austrian Minister tries to force Austrian consumers and visitors to pay higher €40 air fares!!! Ryanair will provide non-State Subsidised competition and choice to the high fare Austrian Airlines (which is a subsidiary of the German subsidy junkie Lufthansa Group). Ryanair will oppose any illegal effort by the Austrian Govt to force consumers to pay high fares. Austrian citizens are entitled to low fares and nobody provides lower fares than Ryanair."

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