22 June, 2020

LOT to restart international flights on 1st July.

LOT Polish Airlines has confirmed it will expand its route network with international flights from the start of July. Passengers will be able to fly to selected Schengen countries, including Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Norway, as well as plan their holidays in Greece, Croatia, Bulgaria or Spain.

These will be the first regular international passenger flights since their suspension on March 13. The flight schedule for the first two weeks of July includes primarily flights to the Schengen countries and popular holiday destinations. The route network of 20 European cities includes:

seven flights a week to Prague, Duesseldorf, Vilnius and Budapest;
six flights a week to Berlin;
five flights a week to Vienna, Brussels and Kiev (Boryspil Airport);
four flights a week to Amsterdam and Bucharest;
three flights a week to Barcelona, Tbilisi and Oslo;
two flights a week to Split and Dubrovnik;
at least one flight per week to Zadar, Podgorica, Corfu, Chania and Varna.
All international flights will be operated from Chopin Airport in Warsaw until July 14.

In addition, two connections from Budapest will return to the resumed LOT network - to Varna and Dubrovnik, operated once a week during the weekend. LOT will also maintain its existing schedule of over 30 domestic flights a day. Passengers will be able to conveniently transfer to any of the international flights in Warsaw. 

“For the first two weeks of July, the network of LOT's international flights has been planned with passenger safety in mind, which is always a priority for us, and to ensure comfort during travel. Most of the proposed routes are to Schengen countries, which have a stable epidemic situation and at the same time have abolished the quarantine obligation and other restrictions for travellers coming from other countries. Our passengers can, therefore, plan their holidays, short recreational trips or business trips with confidence, knowing that they will be able to fully enjoy their journey abroad. At the same time, we strive to resume new directions and increase the frequency of flights. We are analysing the possibility of launching scheduled passenger flights to the United States, which we are currently carrying out as part of cargo transport", said Rafaล‚ Milczarski, CEO and President of the Management Board of LOT Polish Airlines.

The safety rules are also maintained - all domestic and international flights of LOT will continue to be operated according to the #FlySafeFlyLOT procedure. To ensure the protection of travellers and onboard crews in the era of COVID-19, safety rules have been accompanying LOT passengers since June 1st. The key restrictions applicable both at the airport and onboard each aircraft include maintaining the requisite socially distancing during check-in, and during the flight, the obligation to wear masks throughout the entire journey. There are also modifications in onboard flight service in accordance with the principle of limited contact between passengers and staff.

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