06 June, 2020

How are LOT Polish Airlines flight numbers created? Is there any logic to it?

How are LOT flight numbers created? 

Is there any logic in their creation?
The flight number is a combination of numbers and letters preceded by a two-letter IATA code unique to each airline. LOT Polish Airlines have a distinguishing feature LO. Usually, eastbound flights have even numbers assigned, and westbly flights have odd numbers. Example: a flight from Warsaw to Los Angeles is assigned the number LO21, while a return flight from Los Angeles to Warsaw is assigned the number LO22.
From the flight number you can find out how important the route is for the airline, but also what type of flight it is. Number 1 is often assigned to the flagship airline connection - in our routemap, the flight with the LO1 number is the connection between Warsaw and Chicago. Often, more prestigious long-haul flights have double-digit numbers, and shorter range flights are assigned three-digit numbers. Example: one of the flights from Warsaw to London is assigned the number LO281, while flights to the USA or Asia are assigned two-digit numbers - from Warsaw to Los Angeles LO21, and from Warsaw to Singapore LO67.

Four-digit numbers are reserved for domestic flights, codeshare, charter flights or special flights (e.g. flights with the Polish National Team flying to the Championships) as well as government flights and cargo flights. Four digits also have technical flights and those with which we bring a new aircraft to Poland.

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