04 June, 2020

Face coverings to be compulsory on English transport from 15th June.

The UK's Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed this evening that it will become compulsory for passengers to wear face coverings on public transport from 15th June.

The requirement will become  "a condition of travel" and not wearing one could "ultimately" lead to a fine Shapps announced at the daily coronavirus briefing from Downing Street Wednesday evening.  The rule will apply on all modes of public transport including buses, trains, aircraft and ferries. There would be exceptions for those with breathing difficulties or disabilities and very young children. 

As passenger numbers are expected to increase over the coming weeks, "every precaution" must be taken Shapps advised. He also said that surgical masks must be kept for clinical settings and instead travellers should wear home-made face-coverings or masks. 

The Government is planning to reopen shops and other non-essential retail outlets during the middle of June, as well as opening schools for secondary pupils, which would put "more pressure" on the public transport network.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are also considering such a demand, however, there are o plans as yet for masks to become compulsory in those countries. 

The evidence suggests that wearing a face-covering offers some, limited protection against the virus. 

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