27 May, 2020

Retired pilot pens second book for aviation enthusiasts around the world -

Flight Envelopes: Philosophy of flight as viewed from within the aviation and aerospace industry

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Experienced pilot Steve Ford has today launched his second book following the highly acclaimed success of 20 West - “Flight Envelopes” - best described as “Aviation Anthropology”, which pulls together the authors honest and candid views on the aviation and aerospace industries as they stand today.

The impact of Covid 19 on the aviation and travel industries, makes the understanding of challenges past a significant part of preparing for tomorrow.

“Flight Envelopes” consists of individual editorial opinion pieces, some of which were first published in Aviation Business Middle East and on various on-line blogs. Limited to between approximately five- and six- hundred words, each article can be read in any order as a standalone piece.

Freedom of speech is a precious commodity as is freedom of flight. It is the author`s intention not to challenge but stimulate healthy debate in some areas in order to ensure that the freedom we have is neither degraded nor lost.

“Flying is a way of life that wraps itself around you and enters every pore as you fall within its envelope”

On making the decision to write and publish his personal collection of opinion pieces, Steve said:
“The aviation and aerospace industries are diverse and eclectic. As are the men and women that make up the fibres at its very core.”

Flight Envelopes is available in paperback (£4.99) and e-book format (£1.99) on www.amazon.co.uk  and most Amazon sites worldwide.

For more information or to contact the author visit www.flightenvelopesbook.com

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