09 May, 2020

Cecil Miller tells the story of his life as an Air Traffic Controller

In his memoir, the author shares what goes in the life - and mind - of an aviation professional whose job is to maintain a safe orderly flow of air traffic.

Cecil Miller, a retired air traffic controller, independently published his memoir Aviation & Air Traffic Control (2018).
Plenty of books have been written about flying and travelling on a plane, and pilots and flight attendants have been portrayed in various media. However, little has been said or written about air traffic controllers, whose job is to maintain the flow of aircraft in and out of airports and in flight.
“There are not many books about air traffic control and most people are not aware of their duties,” said Miller, who wrote “Aviation & Air Traffic Control” because he believes he has a good story to tell and wants to share it. The book, according to him, is “about the controller, pilot, and aviation.”

The author joined the aviation industry after high school in 1955. Other than being an air traffic controller, he had also worked as a team supervisor and contractor (requirements specialist).
“I started my book project to tell my story about the 58 years I spent in air traffic control,” said Miller. “It was very obvious my story is about history and a story that most people know nothing or very little about the role of the controller.”
“Aviation & Air Traffic Control” should delight not only retired aviation professionals but also globetrotters and aspirants in the aviation industry.
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