24 May, 2020

Britten-Norman Islander, skidded on touchdown and overran the runway in Montserrat - AAIB Report

Britten-Norman Islander, skidded on touchdown and overran the runway

The UK's Air Accidents Investigation Branch has released its report into an incident that occurred on the beautiful island of Montserrat in September last year that saw a Britten-Norman Islander run off the runway. The small aircraft was carrying six passengers and the pilot at the time of the incident

Following a heavy rain shower which made the runway wet, a Britten-Norman Islander (VP-MNI) made a positive touchdown but could not stop. It overran the runway and departed the level surface of the airfield, 23 September 2019.The aircraft was on a return flight from Antigua to Montserrat, which was experiencing a heavy rain shower. After the shower had passed the aircraft made a normal approach in a light tailwind to Runway 10, which was still wet from the rain. The pilot made a positive touchdown and applied appropriate braking but was unable to stop the aircraft. The pilot steered the aircraft to the right but it skidded through 180° and departed the level surface of the airfield backwards, down a steep incline at the end of the runway, before coming to a stop when the tail caught in the airport security fence. The pilot and passengers were able to exit the aircraft and the airport rescue and firefighting service responded promptly.

No aircraft defects were found that would have contributed to the outcome. The touchdown groundspeed was higher than appropriate, either because the approach was flown at an airspeed greater than the normal, or because of a significant change in windspeed and direction during the approach. This, combined with a wet runway and skidding, resulted in the aircraft requiring more distance to stop than was available on the runway.

Safety Recommendations are made regarding aircraft operations at John A Osborne Airport, access for rescue and firefighting vehicles, and a means of arresting aircraft that overrun the runway.

Read the report.

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