17 April, 2020

Delta's new domestic snack bags...................

The US mega-carrier has introduced a new snack offering for passengers on the carriers domestic in a little plastic bag.  

Customers in all cabins will now receive their own personal snack bags on domestic flights, building on recent food and beverage changes aimed at decreasing touchpoints onboard. 

The snack bag, which can double as an individual trash collector once its contents are consumed, currently includes*:

Cheez-It crackers
Biscoff cookies
8.5 oz Dasani bottled water
Hand sanitizing wipe
Cocktail napkin

Snack bags will be given to customers during flight attendants’ first pass through the cabin, a move inspired by flight attendants’ desire to deliver the best in-flight service while keeping customers safe and at ease. This small but meaningful service change is just one example of Delta teams quickly and nimbly navigating the challenges of COVID-19.  

“We want our customers and crewmembers to know we will always have their backs,” said Mike Crowley, Delta’s Vice President - Onboard Service Operations. “As this pandemic evolves, we continue to innovate our service and respond to crew and customer feedback, while maintaining our focus on providing the hospitality Delta is known for.”

As always, customers are welcome to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy onboard, and customers flying on long-haul international routes can expect to receive temporarily streamlined in-flight services and meal choices, along with a full selection of beverage offerings.

A comprehensive list of all temporary onboard changes can be found at delta.com, and you can learn more about Delta’s COVID-19 response on Delta News Hub.

*Snack bag items may vary based on availability.

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