Friday, 13 March 2020

More European countries close borders due to coronavirus

As the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis continues to cause panic and concern around Europe, a number of nations have instigated travel bans or closed borders.

Albania:  Has taken the decision to closes its borders with Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

Austria:    Austria has closed three land border crossings with Italy to all foreigners, except those with a medical certificate issued within four days. There is currently no restriction on Austrian nationals.

Cyprus:  The government in Cyprus has announced on Friday night that only Cypriot citizens, along with other Europeans working on the island and people with special permits will be granted entry into the country for an initial 15-day period, the ban comes into effect on Sunday 15th March.

Czech Republic:  Has put strict restrictions on all foreign nationals from entering the country, except those with residency permits.  The government has also restricted its own citizens from departing the country.  

Denmark:  Mette Frederiksen, the Danish Prime Minister has announced Denmark will close its borders from 12:00 local time this Saturday 14th March and they will remain closed until 13th April. Frederiksen also confirmed that Danish citizens will be allowed to enter, however, those from other countries will need a valid reason to enter the country.

Hungary:  Has closed land borders with Austria and Slovenia

Malta:  All passengers arriving in Malta must quarantine for 14 days, regardless of where they come from. The restriction will remain in force until further notice and anyone found to break quarantine could be fined €1,000.

Poland: Foreigners banned from entering from Sunday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki confirmed on Friday. A 14-day quarantine period will be imposed on Polish citizens who return home.

Romania:  Borders with Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Moldova are closed

Serbia:  Border crossings with Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia are closed

Slovakia:  Has closed its borders to all foreigners except Poles and those with a residence permit.

Slovenia:  Is closes six border crossings with Italy with train and bus travel suspended. It has said that foreign national may only enter the country providing they have a valid medical certificate issued within the last three days.

Ukraine:   Borders closed to all foreigners for two weeks from Sunday , with an exception to diplomats.

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